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Lettermen Jackets Designed in Loganville, GA

High-Quality Custom Varsity Jackets

Varsity jackets are a mark of achievement that traces back multiple generations. We at Scotteez want to help you celebrate your athletic and academic achievements with a one of a kind perfect letter jacket. All of our jackets are custom designed and made just for you.  We take the time to help you create the exact jacket you want. Our leather and wool quality is second to none, our turnaround times are fast, in some cases twice as fast as the companies that work directly with the schools.   Varsity jackets are a popular commemorative item, and we regularly partner with local schools for letterman jackets and patches, which are entirely customizable for your sport. 

If you want a beautiful one of a kind jacket please come by the  store anytime during our store hours and we will be happy to help you. 

Letterman Jackets

Lettering in a sport in high school is a big occasion, and letter jackets are a memento from that time that people cherish forever. We customize each and every jacket and take special care to provide you with a durable, quality stitched, timeless piece to memorialize this season of life. 

A letter jacket is a special symbol of a great accomplishment, and it’s important that the jacket is made to the standards you deserve. At Scotteez, we take great care to provide a unique experience to each student, and to personalize the jacket however they desire, so we can create a jacket that they’ll wear with pride for years to come.


Varsity Letterman Jackets Personalized for You

We here at Scotteez understand the significance of buying a Letter Jacket. Here is a list of the things that we do differently from our competitors to ensure that each jacket is made specifically for you.

  • Zip-out lining
    • This allows additional patches to be sewn on without sewing through the quilted lining.
  • Totally Customizable
    • Create that one-of-a-kind WOW jacket.
  • Quality materials
    • We provide the finest quality cowhide leather and wool that will provide a lifetime of memories.
  • Sew additional patches on after date of sale
    • As you acquire additional patches for team and personal achievements, we can sew them on any of the jackets we have sold.

We allow you to fully customize your jacket to make it a one of a kind WOW jacket. The letter that is earned by the student is a symbol of so much for both the parents and themselves. It is a symbol of the hard work and determination it takes to achieve a goal. 

It is a symbol of the countless hours spent in preparation and in practice. Finally, it is the symbol of teamwork and what it means to be a team player. We believe that a Letter Jacket should be worn with pride for years to come in honor of these achievements.

Custom Letterman Jackets For High School Athletes

We love providing our local schools in Walton County GA with high-quality, custom embroidered letter jackets so that their high school memento can be cherished for years to come. Our one-of-a-kind jackets are completely customizable to each student, so all of their sports, school activities, and achievements can be featured. 

It’s important to us to provide a high level of service and customer care to our local schools and students because we know how important this memory is to you. You’re only in high school once, and it’s a valuable time in a child’s life. We love celebrating the memories and big events with our community, which is why we always go the extra mile to provide the best experience and product for our clients.

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Varsity Letter Jackets – Custom Jackets You’ll Be Proud to Wear

From high school sports to achievements down the road, every season of life deserves to be celebrated. Our products are hand-stitched and custom made, which really is the Scotteez difference. Product quality is one of the most important factors to us because we want to provide a jacket that will last for years to come.